Energy Revolution Europe

Why was Energy Revolution Europe a special focus area at European Utility Week?

2020 was always a date far in the future, however the reality of the Renewable Energy Directive is looming fast. By this date the EU has to fulfil at least 20% of its total energy needs with renewables. This is to be achieved through the attainment of individual national targets. To turn up the pressure more, the new 2030 targets are agreed to rise to 27%. The urgency to hit these targets and the positive results of Cop 21 Paris will unleash exponential renewables growth. Since European Utility Week has a strong reputation in energy storage and renewable integration, adding renewable generation is a logical step to meet the request of our utility visitors, offering an end-to-end event that addresses all these aspects.

What makes ERE different?

Located with European Utility Week, ERE represents a natural link with the existing focus on renewable integration and energy storage and benefits from the existing utility visitors. There was also a focus on innovation shedding light on the renewable energy sources of the future. ERE’s features included:

  • ERE focused discussions within the 3-day Summit
  • A 3-day Energy Revolution Europe programme as part of the Hub Sessions in the centre of the exhibition floor, free to attend!
  • Real-life project experience, highlighting & discussing innovative technologies and solutions
  • ERE featured in this year’s revamped Initiate! Programme, and represented amongst the 65 startups at the Initiate Hub
  • 50 service and solution providers exhibiting at a dedicated area on the exhibition floor

The Energy Revolution Europe Programme

Together with partners such as Friends of the Supergrid and Geode, we have developed an excellent 3-day Hub Session programme as part of European Utility Week. This programme helped answer questions such as:

  • The Road Towards the Revolution: The road so far and what kind of changes can we already detect in the industry?
  • How smart is our Grid?
  • How ready are utilities for a large scale renewables integration and generation?
  • How does the new market model from the European Commission affect the integration of renewables? 

Find out more about the ERE Programme

The Energy Revolution Europe Zone

As part of the European Utility Week exhibition, Energy Revolution Europe had its own dedicated zone where it was possible to meet your peers and share best practices, discuss innovations impacting your industry and source solutions. The ERE zone also housed a theatre with free-to-attend Hub Sessions, and hosted exhibitors like: Baringa, IMS ECUBES, Energyworx, BaxEnergy, SteadySun, AMT SYBEX, Route Monkey, Security Matters, Voltaware Ltd. and many other exhibitors that offer similar products and services 

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