Energy Revolution Europe

Why Energy Revolution Europe is a special focus area at European Utility Week?

The push to reach the 2020 target and beyond will see almost 100% increase in renewable generation. Some sources quote an annual investment of €120 billion to sustain this growth. However, key to this development will be renewable integration and the development of effective energy storage. Along with the opportunity come many challenges. European Utility Week has a strong reputation in energy storage and renewable integration, thus adding renewable generation is a logical step to meet the request of our utility visitors, offering an end-to-end event that addresses all these aspects.

If you offer products, services or solutions in the areas of:

  • Alternative energy systems
  • Automation 
  • Biomass
  • Design Engineering
  • EPC contracting and project development
  • Forecasting
  • Fuel cells
  • Geo-thermal
  • Grid management
  • Hydrogen


  • Investments
  • Monitoring, measurement and control technology
  • New materials and composites
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Planning and Project Development
  • Power plants (commercial and utility-scale)
  • Power Production (IPP’s)
  • Pro (con) sumer products
  • PV / PV applications
  • PV cells and Modules
  • Renewable Energy Consulting services 
  • Renewable technologies 
  • Smart Renewable energy
  • Storage
  • T&D power delivery
  • Tidal/wave
  • Transport & Distribution of Renewable energy
  • Virtual power plants
  • Wind Power Electronics
  • Wind turbines

Expected audience

Regulation Directors, Operations Directors, Commercial Directors, Heads of Business Development, Heads of Innovation, Partners, Regulators, Policy Makers, Oil Industry Executives, Internet Company Executives, Aggregators, Analysts, Program Developers, Prosumers, Consumers, Investors and Finance Directors.

Representing Utilities, Renewable Energy Providers, European Bodies, Energy Agencies, Banks, Multinationals, Solution Providers, Oil Industry, Internet Companies, Retailers and Startups.


Exhibitors that have already confirmed their position on the Energy Revolution Europe zone, include: Advanced Microturbines Srl, AMT-SYBEX, A.P Systems, ASL Holdings Ltd, Baringa Partners, BaxEnergy Italia srl, BNL Clean Energy AG, Endesa, S.A, ENEL S.p.A, Energy Worx BV, FAST spa, HWM-WATER Ltd, IMS ECUBES AS, ISOTROL, Lever S.r.l, Powerpeers, PROTASIS SA,, Route Monkey, Security Matters, SteadySun, Tesla Energy, Viesgo Energia, S.L., Voltaware Ltd

Would you like to join the ERE zone? Contact us today to reserve your exhibition or sponsorship package!

Pouya Ariyan 
Sponsorship & Exhibition
Phone: +31 346 290 788

Read more about the Energy Revolution Programme here