Mission and Vision

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European Utility Week’s responsibility is to provide the platform to continually improve and challenge all aspects of the smart energy industry to drive efficiencies in meeting sustainable development goals.  The utility industry is transforming and innovating.  At the core of this transition lies an opportunity for the next generation tech and young talent to play a major role in facilitating development and innovation needed for the industry to thrive and grow.


To inspire and stimulate the inclusion and acknowledgement of all players in the eco-system to help achieve a smarter industry, by providing THE platform to stimulate innovation and discussion between the new and more established professionals from the industry.


New market entrants trying to make a difference to the industry may struggle to compete or introduce their solutions to utilities. Utilities may understand the need to work with partners on new ideas but struggle to find the right type of partner. 

This is where European Utility Week can play a major role to facilitate the meeting between new market entrants and the more established utility. The need to provide an environment where both parties can vet each other, encourage discussion, stimulate opportunities and find the right fit is exactly the reason Initiate! was launched. 

With our established partnership with the utility industry and our scope of reach within Europe especially, we can facilitate a place within the event to meet the needs of the market. Initiate! wants to make a difference to the industry. It has a passion to be able to stimulate the right kind of change and brings together the entities needed to reach partnerships that can and will change the face of the industry.

Core Values:

  • To embrace and drive innovation and change, now!
  • To be creative and accepting of new ideas, to make an impact!
  • To build open and honest relationships with our partners, to reach a desired audience! 
  • To work from our core passion and determination that this will lead to change, for the better!

For more information about the Initiate! Programme contact:

Sietske Jacobs

Project Manager - Initiate!