Big Data & Analytics


Key topics include:

  • Security Frameworks to prevent hacking the grid: Cybersecurity projects and case studies on different levels of the smart grid.  Protecting vulnerabilities of IT and OT. Malware attacks, data leakage and digital fraud detection. Specific vulnerabilities concerning smart meters, SCADA systems, PLC's and more. 
  • Data to help Manage the Grid: The primary enabler to a modern, data-driven utility is the adoption of smart grid technologies. This backbone of the utility industry will generate an overwhelming amount of data. Projects on predictive maintenance, IoT and peak shaving among other things.
  • Data to help Engage with the Customer: Consumer data is essential to improve communication with end consumers. Next to that data is the cornerstone of some of the new services that are being offered to customers. Case studies of personalisation strategies communication and offerings among others. 
  • Data-driven behavior change: International implementations of demand response management and energy efficiency programmes that have the aim to reduce energy consumption. Cutting edge projects that analyze data in innovative ways will present their results.
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