Intelligent Buildings Europe


Key topics include:

  • Regulations and the Promising Role of Buildings in Transforming the Energy Market:focus on the effects of the implementation of the EPBD recast on the build industry and the challenges of moving towards new and retrofitted nearly-zero energy buildings by 2020, especially in the case of public buildings which have a closer deadline of 2018.  How to tap into the significant potential of Energy Efficiency in buildings for reducing consumption with cost-effective measures.
  • Energy Management for Intelligent Buildings – Building Reliability: Overcoming the challenges in the building industry. The technical and logistical challenges as well as Interoperability will be discussed here. The advancements in sensor technologies and industrial electronics have increased the growth of heterogeneous systems in building environment. This is growing the complexity of interoperability among systems in intelligent building. 
  • Financing & Funding: To assist retrofit projects come off the ground, a proper assessment of the financial strategy is paramount. There are various financial tools available, however they are not all relevant. We will look closely at how the projects are financed from public grants to private investments and what instruments are available for the buyers may they be municipalities or private owners, to the ESCOs or Energy Management companies. 
  • From Energy Efficiency to Value: What is the Customer Really Buying? Explore major projects, may they be private or public. We will have highlights on promising retrofit projects and updates as well as Call for Investors with real projects in the making. Large commercial and industrial promoters also expose their vision on the market and their success stories. 

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