Talk Community - with Stephen Haw, Partner of Baringa Partners

What insights/ answers will utilities and other participants gain from visiting the ERE track during EUW? 

Participants can be assured that ERE will not answer questions with more questions. We want speakers, participants and delegates to push the boundaries of their thinking and feel confident to take binary positions on the points we will present and debate over the three days. A lot of what we are discussing in ERE may not be happening at an industry-wide level, but rather than providing yet more observational commentary, we will provide strategic aspiration with a reality check by presenting actual companies and project that are already making great inroads and shining the light on the future of the revolution. Whether you are interested in gaining insight on renewables, intrigued by the new services enabled by disruptive technologies, keen to understand the rise of the Energy Prosumer or provide your viewpoint on the future of the revolution, then ERE will certainly give some key thoughts (not questions) to take away from the conference.

What specific piece of the ERE puzzle will prove to be key to the future of the energy sector? 

Good question! I think the content of ERE Day 2 will put two “pieces” of the puzzle under the spotlight i.e. Technology-enabled services and the rise of the Energy Prosumer. We are already in a world where innovation development in our industry is accelerating at a pace that is already challenging Moore’s Law. However, I don’t think it will be any one specific piece of the puzzle that helps us achieve success, rather a balancing act between multiple and hopefully convergent drivers. The key drivers will be aligning innovative solutions (answers) with the needs (questions) of the evolving customer (con/prosumer), whilst providing an attractive rate of return to new and incumbent market participant’s stakeholders, and successfully transitioning to a low carbon economy – not a lot to ask!

What do you foresee as the main challenges for the ERE?

Linked to the answer above. We must ensure that we collectively facilitate changes to market, business and operating models to ensure we can adopt these innovative solutions at a macro-level and at a pace that satisfies the whole ecosystem we now operate in. Expedited collaboration between all participants in our sector is a must if we are to mitigate the risk of redundant innovation – investors will only wait for so long before they divert investment to other industries. EUW15 visibly demonstrated that technology and innovation providers have done some great work, the ball is now in the court of the policy makers, the utilities and the new participants – who will lead the revolution? Come and join us at ERE and find out.

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