Young Talent Report 2015

New insights from young minds!

Click below to download the Young Talent Report, as part of the newly launched Young Talent Programme.

A 60-strong team of students and young talent were asked to investigate the smart utility's transformation, the challenges the industry could potentially face and their ideas to help overcome the obstacles.





This report represents their key findings and offers an interesting insight into current business models, next generation innovation, and bridging the gap between current and future scenarios.

With innovation as the buzz word for the energy industry comes the birth of new ideas and new companies. Forward thinking, ambitious, consumer-focused initiators are homing in on the scene and disrupting the equilibrium.

This is good news for the industry - that is, if they can see it as an opportunity and not a threat.

We're very proud to present the 2015 Young Talent Report and hope you enjoy the reading.

Let’s see what the future brings!

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