Initiate! 2016

"The end of business as usual"

By embracing the changes that lie ahead and harnessing a culture of innovation to foster a better world, we can start to make an impact and achieve a sustainable energy future. We as an industry need to take this shift seriously and prepare ourselves accordingly.

The Initiate! Programme contributes by serving as a platform that will provide bright minds the opportunity to share their ideas and innovations with the more established professionals in the industry, in an effort to help the industry to reinvent itself with the consumer in mind.

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  • Initiate! in the Media
    Initiate! in the Media

    Check out the latest news, videos and press releases about the Initiate! Programme.

  • Talk Community Interview - EUW Utility Partner Engie
    Talk Community Interview - EUW Utility Partner Engie

    EUW Young Talent Ambassador Filippo Capizzi and Engie's HR Marketing & Digital Manager Anne-Emmanuelle Semin discuss opportunities for young talents in an established industry!

  • Initiate! Startup Programme
    Initiate! Startup Programme

    We encourage all players of the startup eco-system to join and actively engage in our dedicated startup programme. Are you a startup, accelerator, innovation manager, corporate VC? Be sure to get in touch and see how you can make a difference!

  • Initiate! Young Talent Programme
    Initiate! Young Talent Programme

    Just as the industry is transitioning, so too are those students graduating university and chomping at the bit to work in the industry. Involving potential graduates at an early stage eases the transition and encourages them to think about solutions that may help shape the solutions for the future, even before they graduate.

  • Initiate! Hub Sessions Programme
    Initiate! Hub Sessions Programme

    The 3-day free to attend Initiate! Programme took place on the Initiate! Hub and hosted the Initiate! Startup programme as well as the Initiate! Young Talent programme including a multitude of networking events. 

  • Initiate! Partners
    Initiate! Partners

    The Initiate! programme is co-created with the sector and we are therefore very proud to announce our sponsors and partners. With their dedication, knowledge and inspiration we can truly develop and deliver a programme relevant for the sector.

  • 2015 Innovation Programme
    2015 Innovation Programme

    With the shift in market and utilities opening up to new ideas, innovation becomes increasingly important. Our aim in 2015 was to bring innovation and qualified people to the table so that ideas could be taken forward and this certainly worked. There was an overwhelming response from startups and young talent to come to the event, but also from utilities seeing this as an opportunity to accelerate the protracted market to a more efficient forward thinking customer-centric industry.

  • Mission and Vision
    Mission and Vision

    Launch your genius - Initiate!

    Find out more about the Initiate! Programme's mission and vision and our role in the sector.